Collective Action

We build and participate in multi-stakeholder coalitions that act together to make progress on shared goals. Our Collective Action strategy promotes collaborative approaches and attracts additional resources to complex problems and promising solutions for racial equity.

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Current Collective Action Initiatives

Census 2020

Due to a number of factors, including the shift to online data collection and the climate of fear among communities that are traditionally some of the hardest to count, the threat of an inaccurate census count in 2020 is very real.

Organized by the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, the Meyer Foundation and other funders in the region are mobilizing to increase the likelihood that everyone is counted.

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Resilience Fund

The Resilience Fund was created in early 2017 as a collaborative partnership of the Greater Washington Community Foundation, the Meyer Foundation, and other foundations and individual contributors. The Fund supports the critical needs of nonprofits who are responding to changes in federal policy and budget priorities, as well as the climate of intolerance and hate, both of which are disproportionately impacting local people of color and immigrant and refugee communities. Learn more about the Resilience Fund’s work.