Current Grantees

Capacity Building

Our capacity-building program is generally focused on supporting our current grantee partners working to make systems more equitable and inclusive. The program has three components you can learn more about below:

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Communicating About Your Grant

We encourage you to communicate about your work and your partnership with the Meyer Foundation.

To ensure you have the most accurate and current information about the Meyer Foundation, please contact your program director or our communications manager before including the Foundation in your communications. Wherever possible and appropriate, you can link to our website (meyerfoundation.org).

We love engaging with our partners on social media. Be sure to follow and tag us in your social media posts to help keep us informed of your work.

Describing the Meyer Foundation

If you are referring to the Meyer Foundation in your communications, please refer to us as ‘the Meyer Foundation.’ You do not need to capitalize ‘the’ as it is not a formal part of our name.

Please use this language to describe the Meyer Foundation at the end of press releases, or in your other communications:

“Founded in 1944 by Washington Post publisher Eugene Meyer and author and activist Agnes E. Meyer, the Meyer Foundation pursues and invests in solutions that build an equitable Greater Washington community in which economically disadvantaged people thrive.”

Using the Meyer Foundation Logo

General Usage

A version of our primary logo mark (below) should be used in most cases. When using our logo, provide clear space around all sides of the logo that is at least 50% of the overall width of the logo itself.

If you have specific logo needs or questions, please contact our Strategic Communications Manager for assistance.


We prioritize collaboration with our community partners. When there are opportunities for co-branding with the Meyer Foundation, we encourage you to first contact our Strategic Communications Manager.

Share Your Story!

Our grantee partners are doing important work in the Greater Washington community. If you are a current grantee partner of the Meyer Foundation working to transform structures, policies, practices, laws or their consequences to advance racial equity, we invite you to submit stories highlighting this work.

Follow the prompts below to share your story with us for possible inclusion in future Meyer Foundation communications.

Current Grantees Awards Reporting FAQs

How do I know who our Partnerships and Strategy Director is?

Meyer Partnerships and Strategy Directors are organized by geography.