I believe that philanthropy has a much larger role to play in tackling big societal issues than merely transacting grants–we have an obligation to adapt and evolve our work in the context of where we are as a region and a nation. Our region can and should be a model for the rest of the country. As such, it is imperative that we in philanthropy, and collectively, deepen our understanding of the root causes of the challenges our region faces to formulate responses and approaches that get at those roots. I am inspired by the Meyer Foundation’s long history of change-making in the region, by our founders’ commitment to justice, and by our deeply held belief that we must do more to change the status quo.

As the President and CEO of the Foundation, I have the privilege and honor of leading an amazing and talented group of individuals on the Meyer team, and working with a diverse and experienced board to set the strategy and direction of the Foundation, envisioning what’s possible for our region. I also look for opportunities to influence, learn, and collaborate with external partners – local and national – toward our vision of an equitable region and country.

Prior to joining Meyer, I spent nearly two decades in the federal government, mostly with the Corporation for National and Community Service in various roles ranging from Associate General Counsel to Chief of Staff to CEO. Through those experiences, I learned about leadership, management, grantmaking, and how different sectors can work together for change. But it wasn’t until I joined Washington Area Women’s Foundation that I truly learned about this region. Moving from national to local work connected me with my community in a way that I did not realize was missing from my life until then. I learned that community change must start with the community and with centering the people’s voices in defining their own solutions. The Women’s Foundation also taught me the importance of getting away from a one-size-fits-all approach to problem-solving and deepening your understanding of the populations you serve.

I joined the Foundation in 2014.


I am rooted in