What We Do

We invest in solutions in the Greater Washington community that shift systems toward racial equity — when race no longer predicts access, opportunities, how one fares, or who thrives.

Below, learn more about the strategies we employ to advance racial equity in our region.

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Our Strategies


We support organizations in the Greater Washington community working to transform systems toward racial equity in the areas of education, housing, and economic well-being.

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Our Strategies

Capacity Building

We support our grantee partners through coordinating deep, shared learning experiences they've identified as critical to advancing their work. Our capacity-building support strengthens our partners' practices while connecting them with a network of other organizations with similar priorities.

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Our Strategies

Collective Action

We build and participate in multi-stakeholder coalitions that act together to make progress on shared goals. Our Collective Action strategy promotes collaborative approaches and attracts additional resources to complex problems and promising solutions.

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Our Strategies

Convening and Advocacy

Beyond grantmaking, our network and relationships in the region enable us to convene communities around issues that require bold action and leadership. We use our social capital to serve as a leading regional voice on the urgency of advancing racial equity in Greater Washington.

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Our Goals

We invest in organizations and initiatives that seek to transform systems toward racial equity within three areas: Housing, Education, and Economic Well-Being.



Inclusive & Equitable Neighborhoods

Development in our region’s neighborhoods creates a steady supply of high-quality housing that is affordable and co-located with resources, amenities, and opportunities.



Inclusive & Equitable Schools

Our region’s educational systems work for everyone in our region by providing the funding and resources to create welcoming, supportive climates that are free of bias and discrimination, and prepare students for college, career, and life.



Inclusive & Equitable Economies

Our regional economy works for everyone because systemic barriers for people of color to earning, growing, and preserving the financial assets of their families and communities have been removed.

A Systems Approach

We apply a systems approach to achieve a just, connected, and inclusive Greater Washington. This means our work and the work we support seek to:

Address Root Causes
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Address the root causes of racial disparities in housing, education, and economic well-being

Change the system

Shift the conditions, policies, practices, priorities, culture, and power to create systems that are equitable and inclusive

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Build the power and leadership of the people most directly affected by inequity based on the unique context of their experiences